Demand Response Mechanism – Cost Benefit Analysis – Presentation of Results

At their meeting of 13 December 2013, Ministers tasked officials to undertake further work on the Demand Response Mechanism (DRM). In May 2014, officials contracted Oakley Greenwood to undertake further analysis of the DRM. Oakley Greenwood will be presenting the results of its work on Thursday 30 October 2014. For further details please refer to Energy Market Reform Bulletin #30.

Demand Response Mechanism – Cost Benefit Analysis – For Consultation

A consultation paper regarding the cost-benefit analysis and market modelling of a proposed Demand Response Mechanism was released on 25 August 2014. The public consultation period closed on 12 September 2014. All submissions received have been made publicly available on this website, unless stakeholders clearly indicated that submission should remain confidential, either in whole or in part.

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